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Sustainable Design creating Recycling & Trash Bins

July 21, 2014

DeepStream Designs’ mission is to provide alternative products with a timeless design that are engineered and constructed so that they will endure for generations, reducing the impact on the earth’s resources, and providing the lowest cost of ownership over time.

We are philosophically opposed to building cheap products that will be thrown away in a couple of years, or will end up costing our customers more over time.

Sustainable design principles run deep at DeepStream Designs’ and help to create Recycling and Trash Bins that met these criteria while helping business strengthen their brands image and customer relationship experience by placing artful recycling and trash bin into more prominate locations .

Longevity: Classic modern design, engineered for the lowest lifecycle cost of any recycling or trash bin, never goes out of style.  DeepStreams’ attractive bins are not an expense, they are an investment in y0ur brand image underwritten by a reduction in your maintenance budget and long term capital depreciation costs.  Replaceable parts make them last virtually forever and make updating the look as easy as sliding in new decorative panels.

Modular Frame Design:  DeepStream’s proprietary marine-anodized Audubon frame system allows recycling and trash bins to be constructed without welds that break, and makes replacing parts in the field by untrained maintenance workers quick work with a screwdriver and an Allen key should they inadvertently become damaged.

Modular design, custom stainless steel lids and engraved labels means that recycling bins can be made for single to quad-stream use and meet any recycling regulations in your area.

Whether recycling or trash bin, top loading or side access, all bins are made with a sanitary grid, in place of the normal floor pan, to support leak-proof commercial grade recycled plastic inner liners, so there is nothing to leak or catch waste, thus preventing pest infestations.

Side panels can be created of virtually any material which is less than ½” thick, even fabric or photographs.  Thicker material can be used if the edge can be routed, even stone.  This allows recycling to be integrated seamlessly into more areas of your property, camouflaging bins or even bringing greater attention to them.  Directional signage and employee changeable messages or graphics are easily accommodated.  Each panel can be made from different materials, allowing for low-cost panels to be used for backs and sides that will not be viewed when the bin is in place.

Materials:  The materials used in our designs (marine-anodized aluminum, stainless steel and HDPE) allow for use in salty, wet marine environments, and all are easily recyclable.  Commercial-grade interior bins are replaceable and are themselves made with recycled plastic.

While almost any material can be used for the decorative side panels, DeepStream works with clients to choose materials appropriate for the environmental conditions in which the bins will be placed.  There are many materials to choose from, including recycled resin panels made by 3Form and other companies that use natural and recycled materials as design components.


Our heavy-duty construction even allows the use of wood panels in bins placed outside as the frame components contain and direct the incredible differential forces wood creates when it expands and contracts in the rain and sun, delivering decades of attractive service.  Wood that is bolted or screwed together will tear itself apart in time as each piece expands and contacts at different rates, because they come from different trees and parts of trees.

Lids and hinges are constructed from 16-gauge stainless steel to provide for decades of service.  Lids are supplied with a random orbital finish that hides scratches and can be refinished in the field in just minutes, providing for decades of flawless service.

Customization:  Easily replaceable panels prevent design obsolescence by ensuring that your bins can be updated in the future.  Modular design means that recycling and trash bins use replaceable panels that are perfect for your project, property, or brand. Inexpensive panels can be used on sides that will not be seen when put in place to minimize materials costs.


Construction:  DeepStream products are manufactured by American craftsmen, using yacht-building techniques and materials without welding. This allows damaged pieces to be replaced at the manufacturer’s direct cost via our unique “Core Replacement Program.” Proprietary dielectric paste prevents the stainless steel fasteners from seizing in the aluminum legs for decades of replacement access. Proprietary copper treatment of any closed holes in the wood further enhances the tropical hardwood’s natural qualities to prevent wood rot for decades.


Isolation:  Our HDPE plastic feet prevent contact between the legs and the ground or standing water, preventing galvanic deterioration of the finish. Marine-anodized 6063 aircraft aluminum, 5086 marine aluminum, and 18-8 stainless steel fasteners will perform for decades while assembly using proprietary anti-galvanic dielectric paste ensures that components can be replaced easily for years to come while protecting the metal finish.

Value:  DeepStream sells direct with pricing based on volume and has very low overhead. This allows us to use the best materials and pay a living wage to American craftsmen, while ensuring that our customer is getting the lowest lifecycle cost for their project and the planet.

Green:  DeepStream is committed to doing its part to save the planet by using recycled or easily recyclable materials. Our engineering and materials selections ensure that the products will last as long as possible, breaking the “throw-away” cycle, and protecting the earth’s resources. For each recycler we build, we plant 100 trees. For every garden planter we build, even if it is from plastic lumber made from recycled milk bottles, we plant 50 trees in our customer’s name through Trees for the Future (

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